Learn From Machines To Learn

My approach to exam preparation is like a machine learning approach.

Learn From Machines To Learn
I found this draft on the distant dusty shelves, and I publish it as it is. I created one after passing the CSSLP exam, thus it's a bit specific to CISSP/CSSLP exam preparation. However, the overall idea is applicable to any exam preparation.

My approach to exam preparation is like a machine learning approach.

What does it mean?

In the case of my CSSLP preparation, I had access to ~800 practice tests. (It is not too much in comparison to CISSP where I had ~4500 practice tests from a variety of resources).

Split a dataset of tests into 3 major parts

  1. One set of tests is to train your brain.‌‌
    - For CSSLP I used Total Tester which came with CSSLP All-in-One book.‌‌
    - For CISSP I used the Official (ISC)2 CISSP Study application.
  2. When you feel confident, try to get 80% of correct answers on some set of questions you never solved before. Thus, you validate your knowledge.‌‌
    - I used the quiz from the (ISC)2 CSSLP CBK book.‌‌
    - If you started with the CSSLP CBK book, then your validation dataset would be the questions from the CSSLP All-in-One book. And vice versa. You got the idea: you keep some questions in reserve and never touch them.
  3. The test dataset is the exam itself.
Check this article for reference: https://towardsdatascience.com/train-validation-and-test-sets-72cb40cba9e7

Once you start to answer correctly on 80% of the validation set of the questions, you are ready. (70% of successful answer rate is needed to pass (ISC)2 exams).

How many questions you can find for CSSLP

  1. ~150 test questions in the Official CSSLP CBK book.
  2. ~300 in the CSSLP All-in-One book.
  3. 350 in the Total Seminars Training Hub (the license comes with CSSLP All-in-One book).
  4. "Essential CSSLP Guide" doesn't contain quiz questions.

All in all, ~800 questions. Not too many.